Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life after the Olympics

From the beginning, the organizers of the London Olympic Games have focused on the long view, and have used the games as a way to transform an area of London that is in need of development. The master plan is designed to “bolster connections both within the neighborhood and between the Lower Lea Valley and the rest of London, lacing the site with new east–west streets and adding pedestrian walkways from the Olympic park to the Stratford station.”

The master plan for the Olympic Village includes underground power lines, creation of 50,000 jobs and addition of 35,000 housing units to the area. A large part of the site will become the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the Olympics, which will make it the largest urban park built in Europe in 150 years.

Reference: Hawthorne, Christopher, Seventeen Days Later, Architect Magazine, June 2012


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